Some Recent Projects

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The Walkley Magazine

The Walkley Foundation

An elegant, surreal, mixed media cover illustration by one of Australia's leading artist / illustrators.

A most appropriate image for a publication that is dedicated to the best in journalism along with the arts, entertainment and the big issues of the day. 

Mumbai Comic Con

Mumbai Comic Con

Danesh created this character filled poster image for the 2012 Mumbai Comic Con which creates unique pop culture events across India. These high profile events cater for fans of comics, gaming, movies, TV, merchandise, toys food & more.

With fan experience activities & many international guests, Comic Con is a celebration of the geek culture.

'Can Your Bank Help?'

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Darren just completed this graphic travel map of the world to be used for direct mail advertising. The objective is to encourage kids to save at the CBA for future travel.

'The Dog Who Stole My Brain'

Penguin Books Australia

Jake is so stressed out! The two meanest girls in his class have a nasty surprise waiting for him at school. If only he could switch his life with someone who doesn't have his problems.

Shane's cover illustration gives us a hint of what happens. 

Rochecombe 'Platypus'

Harcus Design

Iain was commissioned by Harcus Design to create a B/W line illustration of a platypus viewed from above to be used as a new logo image for Rochecombe Vineyard of the Tamar Valley, Tasmania. The previous logo image was of a platypus viewed from below which made the platypus appear to be lying on its back.

Iain's image is in a more positive pose for logo usage.