Some Recent Projects

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"Deep Sea Savers'

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Darren created this series of illustrations called 'Deep Sea Savers' for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's 2014 annual campaign. It features CBA's characters, the 'Dollarmites' and is designed to engage the imagination of kids and inspire them to save.

The illustrator's task was to create a new look while still embracing the 'Dollarmites' original drawn style.

"Plague Island"

Penguin Australia

This is the cover image for book #5 in Justin D'Ath's 'Lost World Circus' series available through Penguin Australia.

Sam's cover illustration shows our superhero, once again coming to the rescue of the defenceless against a plague of unspeakable horror.

'Boy Versus Rat Dog'

Penguin, Australia

Book 4 in Justin D'Ath's 'Lost World Circus' series. Sam's cover illustration shows the hero, Colt in a showdown with a Rat Dog that has tragic consequences.

His arch enemy, Officer Katt seeks revenge. Book 5 is coming soon.

'Mercedes Buses'

Mercedes, Australia

Marmalade Melbourne commissioned Adrian to create two photo-realistic 'cardboard cut-out construct' Mercedes bus illustrations, one vintage bus & one modern bus. 

Both buses were required to be technically accurate in every detail and can be seen in Adrian's portfolio. 

'We Transfer'

We Transfer

David was commissioned to create this 'wallpaper' illustration for 'We Transfer', a cool site that lets you send big digital files without any complications ... for free.

'Wind Adventures'

Roger has created the visual identities of Air Adventures, Asia and Flying Club, Bintan.

Most recently Roger designed and illustrated this logo for another new air / water sports adventure club, 'Wind Adventures'.

'Secret Superhero'

Penguin Australia

Sam's cover illustration for Book 3 shows our superhero, Colt Lawless, cleverly disguised as 'Superclown', about to wrestle with an angry panther. It looks like 'Superclown's' cover is about to be blown.

How will he save the world's animals now? Maybe the answer is in Book 4, 'Boy Vs Rat Dog' coming soon.

'The Singing Ape'

Penguin Australia

Book 2 in 'The Lost World Circus' series by author, Justin D'Ath sees Caruso, the singing Gibbon, has been sneaking out of his cage. Our superhero Colt Lawless, thinks he knows why.

Sam's cover illustration captures another dramatic moment in this exciting adventure series. 

'The Last Elephant'

Penguin Australia

Penguin commissioned Sam to create all the covers for the latest adventure series called 'The Lost World Circus' by author, Justin D'Ath. In Book 1, 'The Last Elephant', we see the superhero character, Colt Lawless on the run.

But can he save the last animals on earth?

Clive Palmer's Titanic

Courrier International

David created this portrait of Clive Palmer, the man behind the building of the Titanic replica for the quality French weekly, Courrier International. The image was produced digitally in Corel Painter.

'I had the idea of Clive Palmer with a remote controlled boat straight away'.

David's editorial illustrations appear in various high profile European publications. 



Neal Armstrong was commissioned by OgilvyOne, Sydney to create seven sketched portraits of IBM experts who contributored to 'Click', their thought-leadership campaign. The IBM experts provided a holistic view on the solutions IBM can offer to solve new challenges that business faces.

More realistic sketched and full colour portraits can be viewed on Neal's portfolio. 

'Hazardous Materials'


Pamplemouse Design commissioned Ned Culic to create 17 stand alone icon images that represent the environments where, according to the 'Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority' (APVMA), the greatest impact of hazardous material occurs.

Ned created these graphic digital icons images in colour & B/W to maximise their usage versatility.